Group Stage Update Podcast: Messi’s Scorn, Chucky Soars, And Russia Scores


Caleb Rhodes and Nick Govindan break down all the latest results and narratives from the World Cup group stage so far! The dynamic duo marvel at Mexico’s lethal counterattack, examine the impact of VAR, and ponder where it has all gone wrong for a wounded Leo Messi and Argentina. They also discuss fierce new contenders Croatia, and debate the players who have impressed and those who have fizzled in Russia so far. Finally, the lads give updated opinions on which team is leaving with the gold!!

*In this podcast, Nick refers to Mexico’s chase to get to “El Cinco Partido”. After researching the phrase, we became aware that the proper term is “El Quinto Partido”. We will make this important cultural adjustment for all Corner Kick coverage in the future.

Image: Boston Herald via The Associated Press


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