A Complete Arsenal Roundup

Unai Emery’s Arsenal have gotten off to a very decent start in this summer transfer window, the likes of which Arsenal fans have not seen in many years. After 21 seasons with the spendthrift Arsene Wenger at the helm, Emery has revitalized and completely changed the squad, with many fresh faces hoping to announce themselves … Continue reading A Complete Arsenal Roundup


Premier League Winners and Losers: Deadline Day Edition

In arguably the most hectic deadline day in recent memory, a plethora of deals took players from country to country and across cities to cross-town rivals. A complicated love-triangle of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Dortmund combined to send three prolific forwards to new clubs while Manchester City continued to spend more money on defense than many … Continue reading Premier League Winners and Losers: Deadline Day Edition

Preview: Liverpool Vs Manchester City

The September 9th clash between title contenders Manchester City and (then) title contenders Liverpool was expected to be an early contender for match of the season. Two managers who set their sides up to press, retrieve, and attack with merciless intent were prepared to mesmerize a football hungry crowd at the Etihad stadium. Cue a … Continue reading Preview: Liverpool Vs Manchester City

Extra Time: The Winter Break Dilemma

The past three weeks have been relaxing for the many soccer players of Europe’s top soccer leagues. Bundesliga and La Liga players alike have been able to be with family and enjoy the holiday season without any soccer-related activities to hinder their relaxation. Similarly, players in France, Holland, and Italy have been able to enjoy … Continue reading Extra Time: The Winter Break Dilemma